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This final major project was a bespoke bridal based project, to create an artistic, contemporary and elegant capsule collection as the final outcome. I have always wanted to blend the art and fashion worlds. The degree course at BCU included a dissertation which developed my understanding and thinking about how to achieve a balance between art and fashion.The opportunity to create a bridal collection allowed me to achieve my aims.It has stretched my skills and supported me on a design journey.

I have always had a passion for sculptural art. My preferred medium is glass and I decided to seek a collaboration with a sculptural glass artist. This local artist Julie Dean, has supported me in terms of design, crafting bespoke glass elements for the dress and thinking about a small business opportunity. 

Snow, ice and the aurora borealis (the Northern Lights) act as the inspiration for my concept. Ice and snow can be represented through the glass elements and the potential to create a visual illusion of the borealis is offered by the glass and its interaction with the surrounding light source.
Alongside the design process I have written a business plan, ‘Camilla Elizabeth’ to establish the viability of a small business. My research allowed me to focus on who my clients would be. I have named my clients ‘Modern Millies’; who are affluent youth consumers, aged between 24-32 who subsequently fall into the generation titled ‘Millennials’. 
My passion for creating unique, elegant, designs for the Modern Millie has been enhanced through the blending of sculptural glass and elegant fashion design. Each piece of glass is individual and links with my concept as snowflakes are all unique, as are the Modern Millie.  
The potential opportunity to collaborate with other creatives (artists, jewellers, sculptures) also evolved from thinking about the business plan and creating a space to connect my bridal designs with art is very exciting.

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